Tips to Quick and Profitable Property Sale

Our greatest assets are our homes. We usually hope for good prices, and we do get them if everything is done right. However, you may not achieve what we want if you market your property without confidence. Before you sell your home, you need to make it look as presentable as it possibly can. This way the buyer can picture how great life will be when they buy the house. You can get specifics on any comprehensive guide to selling property in your locality.

Timing and Target Market

First, you should consider the target market. From then, you can customize the house so it can appeal to all of them. You can create a bedroom from your office and create extra working space in the house for it to attract both professionals and couples with toddlers. Autumn (September) and Spring (Feb/Mar) are the peak selling seasons. Demand surpasses supply, hence prices are high. Read More...

What happens when you need to sell fast because of divorce

The process of selling a house can be long and quite involving. It does require a lot of dedication and patience, but in some cases, such as a divorce, there may not be enough time to wait. After a divorce, the couple is required to share their property. For such indivisible items such as a house, it would be easier if they were sold. 


Why sell your property?

Selling your property after a divorce is a good way to settle the sharing. Once you sell the property, you can equally share the profit. It also helps you invest in other property or cater for other expenses. The faster you sell your property, the better; since you can now manage your share of the money without consulting your former partner. Sharing of property after divorce is not ideal for any divorced couple. Read More...

Has Scottish Property Fared Better Than The UK Following Brexit?

Scottish Property Market Trends Post Brexit

Brexit was an unexpected decision taken by the UK people in the referendum that was held in June this year. The people of the country decided to leave the European Union which came as a surprise to the rest of the world. People in other countries were not expecting such an outcome from the referendum. Even the property market within the UK wasn’t really ready for this. Immediately after the Brexit decision, the property situation in the UK market stagnated overnight. However, did the same effect happen in the Scottish property market or not? It doesn’t appear as though it has affected it much but has it fared better than its UK counterpart. 

In order to see whether the Brexit has had a positive or negative impact on the Scottish property market or not, we would have to look at the recent trends in the country’s real-estate industry. The following is what has happened so far in the Scottish property market in the wake of the Brexit.  Read More...

When Properties Are Sold Cheap; How Do You Find Them?

The property prices in the UK are at an all-time high. As more people flock on to make their investments in the country, the demand goes up, which results to soaring prices. But wait, does it mean that you need to have loads of cash to be a property owner in UK? Well, not exactly. You can actually get cheap property around; if you know where and how to look.

How to Find Cheap Property

Any aspiring first time home owner may not be equipped with the relevant information on where to get property that is within their budget. However, here are some insights to make your search easier and faster.

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If you need to dispose of a property quickly, Shetland Property are a safe pair of hands. They gave me a detailed action plan for the sale of my property and were able to complete within 21 days. I was able to sell quickly and secure my dream home thanks to you.  
Olivia Perry
4 bed house - Glasgow

I needed to sell 4 buy to let investment properties quickly due to a pressing financial situation. Shetland Property we able to buy the lot and complete within 4 weeks. I would certainly recommend Shetland Property to any other property investors needing a fast cash sale as their way of working is transparent, simple and reliable.
Martin A. Strickland
Investment portfolio - Edinburgh

My 3 bed bungalow in Fife was on the market for over 5 months as the appointed estate agent was unable to find a buyer. I contacted Shetland Property due to a recommendation made by my son in law. Shetland Property were able to buy my property within 21 days and even paid my legal fees.
George E. Hales
3 bed bungalow - Fife