Tips to Quick and Profitable Property Sale

Our greatest assets are our homes. We usually hope for good prices, and we do get them if everything is done right. However, you may not achieve what we want if you market your property without confidence. Before you sell your home, you need to make it look as presentable as it possibly can. This way the buyer can picture how great life will be when they buy the house. You can get specifics on any comprehensive guide to selling property in your locality.

Timing and Target Market

First, you should consider the target market. From then, you can customize the house so it can appeal to all of them. You can create a bedroom from your office and create extra working space in the house for it to attract both professionals and couples with toddlers. Autumn (September) and Spring (Feb/Mar) are the peak selling seasons. Demand surpasses supply, hence prices are high.

De-Personalize and De-Clutter

Remove everything in the house that may not make the potential buyers feel at home. You can put them in your store or attic. Put the large furniture in the store to create extra space. Hide all the personal stuff in your hallway and bathroom, and the stuff on your kitchen surfaces.

Instructing a Solicitor or Estate Agent

Get your property valued by three or more agents. The most highly valuation are not necessarily the best; it may be a trick for winning instructions. Most agents may try to make you sign a 12-week limited contract – bargain the least possible time, to stop you from using other agents. Find someone friendly, active and keen on fair deals. Estate agent fees take the bulk of the costs of selling a house.


Single agencies are cheaper than multi-agencies, so stick to a single agent the first one month and help them sell the house fast. Bargain on the agent’s fee and put down the agreed price on paper. Ask for an explanation of all the costs from the solicitor. Some of those costs include land registry charges, stamp duty as well as administrative costs. You can contact stamp duty helpline to verify how much you should pay based on the value of your home. Additionally, find out from the mortgage lender if you will be charged any penalties. You can then make a decision on your final price.

Selling Prices and Valuation

Valuing property requires consideration of various factors.  Get three or more agents for this, it is free. Use Property Report or other tools to determine the best price for selling your property. Present the report to your Estate Agent. You can then declare a practical price with the agent’s help.

Showing your Property

Your agent should do it for you, but if you choose to do it yourself, have a plan on the rooms you show first, the best being last or first and only show them once. Do not be too detailed. Be professional, and only get slightly personal with interested parties when they come for a second viewing. 

Choosing the Most Suitable Buyer

The highest price does not necessary mean it is the best deal. Let your agent find out more about your potential buyers and advice you on the best. Find out how they will pay for the house. Cash deals are the most suitable. However, if it is through mortgaging, ask for a mortgage letter in principle from their mortgage lender. Fist-time purchasers will require an agent’s help and they could prolong conveyancing. If they intend to sell something, ensure they put it in the market before withdrawing yours from the market. You are likely to need the services of a professional conveyancing solicitor to help you through this step. 

Offer Acceptance

Your agent should be your middleman and submit all the offers made. Make sure your agent does a background check of your buyer, and ensure it is done fast, and that the offers are in writing. Competition, market conditions and the buyer’s love for your property determine the amount the buyer is willing to pay. Your desired price will be determined by market conditions, the moving budget you have and how soon you want the property gone. A good deal is achieved by both sides compromising. You also need to decide if you are really going to need your white goods, curtains and furniture, since they may not be suitable for the home you move to. You can use them to negotiate the price at which you desire to sell your house.

Holding your Deal Together

The problem comes in at this stage. If the negotiation takes a long time, then this means you may have to accept a raw deal, or having no deal at all. You need to be in touch with your agent and solicitor, on a weekly basis so that you can maintain open communication channels. Make sure you always know the conveyancing area, and put into consideration your buyer’s feelings regarding how the transaction is going. Make sure you are aware of their motivation level, so you can know if they may be considering other options.

You can always sell property in any market if you know the tricks of the trade. With the right marketing strategy, professional estate agent and the right solicitor, you can get a god price for your home.


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