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It has never been simpler to sell a Scottish home quickly and simply thanks to Shetland Property.

We have unrivaled experience in private house sales and guarantee a quick and effective service.

How To Sell Your Property Quickly

A fast house sale couldn't be easier as Shetland Property will make you a cash offer and complete withing
21 days subject to survey. We can also help you choose a proactive solicitor that will ensure your house sale
completes within the timeframe you require.

We buy all types of houses right across Scotland. Even if the property has tenants we are still able to
provide you with a quick cash sale solution.

> We buy houses in 21 days or less
> We are genuine cash property purchasers
> We buy tenanted homes and investment portfolios

You will not recieve 100% of market value for a quick cash sale to Shetland Property and there are better ways to sell if your need is not urgent. Unless you need cash in the bank within 4 weeks we would strongly suggest you speak to a local estate agent about the possibility of selling on the open market.

Our service is designed to help those in a dire rush to sell. Some of the typical reasons house sellers choose to
use the Shetland Property Quick Sale Service are: divorce, emigration, relocation, inheritance, repossession.

Advantages of Selling To Shetland Property

The main advantage of selling to Shetland Property is that it costs absolutely nothing. There are no estate agency fees, solicitors’ fees or any other fees for that matter. When selling via an estate agent in the traditional manner all of these costs add up and eat away at your profits.

A sale to Shetland Property will be below market value but it will be guaranteed allowing you to plan for your future and get on with your life.

Shetland Property will buy your property within 21 days or you can ask for a delayed completion date to suit you.

Unfortunately sell and rent back has become a regulated activity and as such Shetland Property cannot offer this service. We will only buy your house with vacant possession.

As mentioned, a house sale to Shetland Property will be below market value. In the current market we are able to offer between 75-80% of market value.

When you sell to Shetland Property there are no hidden fees, no estate agents fees and we never charge upfront valuation fees like some other firms.

When shopping around for a cash house buying company, be sure you are dealing with a genuine cash buyer.

Always ask for proof of funds and do not sign any agreement giving the firm "sole selling" rights over your property. This is your best defence from being taken for a ride by some of the unscrupulous firms that plague the "quick sale" industry.

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We made these house sellers smile

If you need to dispose of a property quickly, Shetland Property are a safe pair of hands. They gave me a detailed action plan for the sale of my property and were able to complete within 21 days. I was able to sell quickly and secure my dream home thanks to you.  
Olivia Perry
4 bed house - Glasgow

I needed to sell 4 buy to let investment properties quickly due to a pressing financial situation. Shetland Property we able to buy the lot and complete within 4 weeks. I would certainly recommend Shetland Property to any other property investors needing a fast cash sale as their way of working is transparent, simple and reliable.
Martin A. Strickland
Investment portfolio - Edinburgh

My 3 bed bungalow in Fife was on the market for over 5 months as the appointed estate agent was unable to find a buyer. I contacted Shetland Property due to a recommendation made by my son in law. Shetland Property were able to buy my property within 21 days and even paid my legal fees.
George E. Hales
3 bed bungalow - Fife